Jungle Encounters is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization privately owned and operated by the Willoughby family. The day-to-day operations are run by Debi Willoughby. Debi has a lifetime of experience working with animals. She has been lecturing with and training exotic animals since 1996. Jungle Encounters is a USDA and State licensed facility and is fully insured. We are a private facility located in Uxbridge, MA.

Debi started her experience working with exotic animals by working at zoos for 7 years, where she gained the valuable experience needed to start Jungle Encounters and care properly for her own exotic animals. She has taken care of all types of animals from mice to tigers and everything in between. During her years at the zoos she worked hands on training some amazing animals! Her most rewarding work at the zoo was training a White Tiger, an African Leopard and a pair of African Servals.

The Willoughby's started Jungle Encounters in April 2001 and began doing wild animal shows for the public. Over the years it became apparent that most people don't realize 80% of the small wild felines in the wild even exist! That is when we started to focus our attention on spreading the word about small wild cats. To date we still offer wild feline educational shows to schools and libraries.

In 2016 we developed a wild feline project based in Belize focusing on field conservation. We travel to Belize furthering our project a few times a year and when we are not there we have dedicated field assistants to run our project for us. You can learn more about this project at BelizeWildCats.org.

Through conservation and education we are making a positive difference in the wild feline world!