We bring the WILD to you! We offer exciting interactive small wild cat shows to spread awareness about our world's smallest felines! We are the ONLY company in the area to offer anything like this!  We travel to YOU with our cats to teach everyone about these magnificent animals! Some of the animals we have you won't see anywhere else in New England! We offer our shows to businesses within a 1 hour drive from our location, Uxbridge MA. (we are sorry but we can not accommodate private parties).

Most people are only familiar with 1-2 species of small wild cats, but there are over 20 species alive today! THIS is why we are so dedicated to helping spread awareness about these beautiful pint-size cats. As we spread awareness about them we are also raising money to help save and protect them in the wild.  Our audience is fascinated when they hear how many species of small cats there are and they are mesmerized when they see our beautiful cats displayed right in front of their eyes! Our shows are truly a unique, amazing experience that people will never forget!

Please browse our website to learn more about us and what we can do for you!

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