JUNGLE ENCOUNTERS is a 501(c)3 non-profit company dedicated to wildlife conservation and education. Our focus is two-fold:

     1. We run a wild feline field research conservation project in Belize, Central America. We use trail cameras to gather important evidence of the illegal deforestation going on in Belize, with the focus on the five species of wild cats that are native to the country. We use this evidence to work with the local government, NGOs and villages to develop and maintain mutually beneficial conservation practices to ensure the wildlife of Belize ​has pristine jungle to call their home. You can learn more about this project at BelizeWildCats.org.

    2. We offer exciting small wild cat shows to spread awareness about our world's smallest felines. We travel to YOU with our cats to teach everyone about these magnificent animals! We offer our educational shows to businesses within a 1 hour drive from our facility in Uxbridge, MA (we are sorry but we do NOT do shows for private parties).